Status Update

Okay. So a small update on things here.

There have been a few hiccups lately. I don’t like them. Readers don’t like them. I won’t go too far into the particulars but errors were made. Ones were replaced with zeroes. That sort of thing. The end result was the first half of October not working the way I wanted.

Traditionally, I don’t get much into behind-the-scenes stuff, because it’s not interesting. It also tends to be a lot of excuses and what-have-you and that’s not really what I’m going for here. But I also know that these things tend to spiral out of control pretty quickly. Next thing you know, it’s two years later, the site’s been totally quiet and you’re pretty sure the author is dead.

And this site’s name is much too clever for me to let it go to waste, dammit.

I recently went on vacation. It was a good time. I went to Salem for a little early Halloween fun without the late Halloween traffic. I learned about witches and pirates. I also learned that under certain circumstances, when you schedule articles to be posted automatically, they’ll just be deleted. So, yeah. Having to rewrite three articles again from scratch kind of set me back.

From there, the Fall anime season has just started. I’ve watched a ton of series and I’m ready to do a bunch of reviews…only I can’t. Because I have this weird notion that to give a series a fair chance, you have to watch at least three episodes. And it left me with about five things to write about this Friday and zero today. Though, to be fair, my mind’s pretty much made up on “Brave Witches.” I could have probably done my review of that early.

But the moment I did that, the third episode wouldn’t be garbage, and then I’d just look foolish. (Sorry to spoil that review. I just really, really hate that show.)

I’m also starting a new job soon. But I wouldn’t say that’s really going to disrupt things too much. I honestly tend to do better with less time to complete tasks, because I’m incapable of working hard without an impending deadline. That’s why I’ll sit for five hours watching YouTube videos and then crank out a column in the last half hour before dinner. Only it’s really about fifteen minutes, because I’m the person making dinner.

In addition, I’m also starting work as a secret shopper. Which, since I intend to talk about it openly, would just make me a shopper. Only, someone else is paying my shopping bills. So I’m not really sure there’s a term for that? Lucky, I guess.

The cool thing about this is that it translates to more food reviews. I’ve recently eaten a bunch of new stuff. I’ve even got some first reaction videos to a few of the more “interesting” items. And I’m just debating whether or not the world needs to see me tasting that Mountain Dew that tastes like mangoes and Tabasco sauce.

Actually, I’m pretty sure the world does need to see that. I just need to work out camera angles and all that before I make a great video with a view of an overflowing garbage can in the background or something.

Being a secret shopper also involves potentially seeing movies for free, too, but the jury’s still out on whether or not that means I’ll be doing more reviews for new releases. I really don’t make it out to the theater that often. It’s not that the costs are prohibitive. It’s that there’s never anything good to watch there. Watching something I don’t really want to for free is still a net loss of time and effort for me, so we shall see.

So, anyway, to sum up. The first half of October – hiccups. Second half of October – hopefully fewer hiccups and more stuff. Overall – more stuff going on and a lot more things to write about. Brave Witches – terrible.

From here on out I think the columns will be arriving at their intended times. (Though, I’ve been wrong before.)


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